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We’ve written a lot about how effective our butters are against eczema, psoriasis and dry skin, and now we’re getting into the why. There is a lot of folk knowledge around the benefits of shea, cocoa and mango butter for dry, damaged and eczema-prone skin, and science has begun to verify the claims.

1. Shea, cocoa and mango butter are high in vitamin A, which promotes healthy skin cell production.

From ILoveSheaButter.com;

“Shea butter is so rich in vitamin A that you could call it vitamin A (retinol) cream, no kidding! Retinol and retinoic acid that are important for healthy skin cell production. Vitamin A also stimulates the cells responsible for developing tissue, also known as fibroblasts, that keep skin supple and healthy from within the epidermis and dermis layers of the skin.”

2. Shea, cocoa and mango butter are anti-inflammatory, reducing itching, redness and irritation.

They are rich in compounds that reduce inflammation in the skin, including triterpene cinnamates and acetates.

3. Shea, cocoa and mango butter are all high in fatty acids which prevent skin breakdown.

A 1997 study found that the topical application of fatty acids improved hydration and elasticity in individuals with wounded skin.


4. All of our whipped products contain coconut oil, which is anti-bacterial and recommended as a treatment for eczema.

From NationalEczemaOrg.com;

“Studies show that applying coconut oil topically reduces the amount of staph bacteria on the skin, which reduces the chance of infection.”

Given this, it’s no wonder that many of our customers reference how effective our whipped butters are against eczema and psoriasis.

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