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With the summer ending and fall on our heels, it’s nice to see some natural ladies showcase the versatility of their hair. Some may not agree, but it’s totally possible to flat iron, blow dry, and use a curling iron on your hair and still maintain your hair’s health. Here are a few Instagram ladies who prove that a little heat on your hair doesn’t always leave you with a damaged and unhealthy head.



Jazzling Natural Hair Blow Out Roller Set Pictoral.PNG

Jaselle may be known for her incredible hair and makeup skills, but her hair is just incredible. On a typical day, Jaselle can be seen wearing her ombre locks in a braid out or natural curls. However, every once in a while she wows her followers with a bomb roller set or a straight and sleek look. In the pictorial above, Jaselle washed and deep conditioned her hair, blew it out on low heat and used a medium barrel curling iron before setting her hair with cold wave rods overnight. The results are fluffy bodacious curls.



jnatay natural hair

This Morgan State graduate is known for her larger than life hair. Not only is her hair super gorgeous, but it is very healthy even though she prefers to flat iron. What I love about Jasmine is that while she may love a good blow dry, she’s still an advocate for healthy hair. She may use a flat iron, but she makes sure she uses a great heat protectant. She maintains her hair by doing roller sets until she’s ready to flat iron again in two weeks.



Mandajesspanda natural hair 2.PNG

This curly girl truly demonstrates that natural hair can have just as much volume straight as it does when it’s curly or kinky. Manda Panda, as she’s known in the natural hair community, recommends straightening your hair with minimal product because too much product can weigh the hair down, making it difficult to achieve volume. A little heat protectant and a small amount of serum or moisturizer is all she recommends. She admitted that she had a few heat damaged strands from a flat ironing, but she wasn’t afraid to snip, snip, snip.



Chigirlmakeup Natural Hair flex rod set and straight hair.PNG

Here’s another natural beauty who’s known for her impeccable makeup skills, but her hair seems to be the topic of conversation lately. Shaun states in her Instagram bio that she’s definitely a natural girl at heart, but she also loves a good weave! Shaun’s hair is incredibly thick and she loves her flexi and perm rod sets. On the days that she’d like to switch up her look, she flat irons her hair with a Babyliss Nano Titanium flat iron. She never lets her flat iron get hotter than the 25 mark because she doesn’t want heat damaged hair. She recommends to start flat ironing on a low heat setting and work your way up. She also blow dries her hair on a cool or medium setting, but never HOT.


Do you flat iron or blow dry your hair regularly? Do you have any tips?

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