Perhaps you had a few hair-related setbacks in 2014, be it heat damage, severe breakage, or something else.  Remember that a LOT can change in one year, including your hair, and for the better.  Start fresh, make necessary adjustments to your routine, and you should see progress by the end of 2015.  For extra motivation, check out these YouTubers and their dramatic one-year natural hair journeys.

1. KristySarah


KristySarah made the decision to reduce usage of heat, chemicals, and weave at the start of this journey.  Because of this bold move, her curls transformed from limp and damaged to voluminous and healthy in one year.

2. Posh Syd

Posh Syd

Posh’s journey began when she asked her beautician to cut off most of her relaxed ends.  From that day forward, she practiced frequent protective styling.  Posh eventually trimmed away the remainder of her straight ends for the transformation you see here.

3. Rissikat Bade

Rissikat Bade journey

Rissikat big chopped down to a few inches to begin her one-year natural hair journey.  What was her secret to this transformation you see?  It was a combination of patience and tender loving care.

4. Reneé Kennet

Reneé Kennet

Reneé abandoned the flat iron and hot comb in order to rid her hair of thinning, heat damaged strands.  Her journey back to thicker, healthier hair began from that moment forward.  The second photo you see above is after a year.

5. LovelyLove


LovelyLove’s one-year journey involved eliminating relaxed, dry, damaged hair and returning to her thick, natural tresses.  She got through that year with a rigid protective styling regimen and regular moisturizing.

What did your hair care  journey in 2014 look like?  What are your plans for 2015?