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It’s no secret, that I love color in my hair. Ever since I first went turquoise last summer, I’ve had a love affair with hair color. Bring on the Manic Panic, Special Effects and Sally Ion Color Brilliance! Despite the extra commitment required to maintain it, I love rocking blue and aqua hair. Below are a few naturals on Youtube that I’ve lurked watched during my coloring journey who also dabble with vivid colors and rock it well.

1. Nerfetiti Bourne

nerfertiti bourne purple

Nerfertiti is an awesome new addition to the Youtube world. She’s gone from purple to an enchanted forest green and rocks it out flawlessly. She also has a pretty rad taste in music!


2. Janae Miller of ElektrikTV

janaemiller teal hair

Janae of ElektrikTV is a licensed colorist and stylist from my hometown, H-town. (Texas stand up!) She is well known for her hair color creations. You will not find anyone selling “Mystical Candy Storm” out of the box. She keeps it realer than real in her videos and provides sensible information on taking care of colored tresses.


3. Kara Bustamante

Kara is another great youtuber with a daring red mane that I’m sure even Chaka Khan herself would be jealous of. Although, she only has a few videos on the YT, you can feel free to check out her instagram where she has countless photos of her majestically red hot mane.


4. Shantrinas

Shantrinas is one of the first youtubers I came across in my journey to start coloring my natural hair (Shoutout to the homie, Carissa for posting her vids). She’s rocked out green bangs to pink to pastel purple. Added bonus: she has really rad make-up tutorials!


5. Cin75

Cin is a stylist and what I consider to be a color magician. From bold pink and purple chunks to bright sea green, she effortlessly blends multiple colors.

Ladies, which of these looks is your favorite? And do you plan on rocking color this Summer?