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I absolutely love crochet braids and hair styles that require crochet hair. I’m currently rocking crochet braids and will do so until I get antsy for a different look. Unfortunately, as much as I love the style, I can’t actually do it on my own because I can’t cornrow! I know, I know. I’ve had all these years to learn, but cornrowing isn’t something that came easy to me. I even tried to practice recently and I just couldn’t get the hang of it.

Needless to say, I have to rely on a stylist to do my crochet braids and I’m getting tired of relying on her. Granted, her work is fabulous, but crochet braiding is so simple and inexpensive that I’m upset with myself for not being able to do it on my own head. I thought all hope was lost until I typed “no cornrow crochet braids” in the YouTube search bar and was greeted with a ton of videos. As I combed through the tutorials I was astounded at the creativity of the non cornrowed crochet braid styles. So if you’re like me and are on the struggle bus when it comes to cornrowing, take a look at these five crochet braid tutorials that don’t require a single cornrow!

Box Braids

This cornrow-less method by vlogger Sadora Paris is probably the most popular method. She neatly sectioned her hair off and box braided her natural hair. After she completed a head full of box braids, she took pre-braided crochet hair and began to crochet the hair at the root. She then proceeded to hide her own braided hair by crocheting it into the crochet braid. When she’s finished, she’s left with a head full of box braids that no one would guess were actually crochet braids. Genius!


Mini Knots


Still rocking a TWA, can’t cornrow, and want the versatile look of crochet braids? Vlogger Abbey has got you covered. Instead of braiding her her hair, she put her hair in a bunch of mini knots before she crocheted large pre-braided hair onto her head. She doesn’t need to worry about the ends of her hair being seen, as her hair is short enough to easily hide inside the crochet knot.

Connected Pony

I love this look by tastePink because it isn’t your typical crochet braid style. It’s so cute and natural looking that I’m thinking of doing this as a quick weekly style. After parting her hair into three sections and twisting down the ends, she connected all sections of her hair with a rubber band and created a small bun in the back of her head. She then took the curly hair and crocheted it into the twisted down sections. Her completed look is a beautiful curly fro hawk.


Flat Twists

This no cornrow method by Jazz Nicole is adorable and beginner friendly. Instead of cornrows Jazz Nicole put her hair into six flat twists and secured the ends of her hair with rubber bands. She then applied a wig cap over the top of her hair before crochet braiding. The cap helps to keep your natural hair from drying out.


Loose Hair

Ok so, ya’ll are really out here doing stunts with the crochet hair. Vlogger Freedom Styles created an entire updo using the crochet method and of course, no cornrows. After she pulled all of her hair into a bun, she looped curly crochet hair onto a pony tail holder and placed it around her bun. Next, she cut more crochet hair and crocheted it into the front of her hair using the traditional crochet method. After some primping and fluffing, she was left with cute curly bun and bang.


Now that I have an idea of how to secure my hair well enough for crochet braids, I’m thinking about testing it out soon!

Would you try any of these non-cornrow crochet braid styles?