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2016 is coming to a close, and with it, an identity that BGLH has held close.

When I started Black Girl with Long Hair in April 2008 it was as a natural hair website. Somewhat unexpectedly it went from a passionate hobby to one of the highest-traffic natural hair sites online. But starting in early 2015 I got the itch to expand our focus. So, with 7 years of natural hair archives behind me, I took the plunge and began posting about topics that interested me. Everything from current events, celebrity news, media representation of black women, black women’s influence on pop culture, black women’s history… anything I felt was interesting and/or relevant to my life and experience as a woman of color.

And you all responded. 2016 was our highest traffic year ever, with a record number of our articles going viral. And now I want to go even further — I want to include your voices directly.

In the past I’ve put out calls for writers, but strictly on the topics of natural hair and beauty. Now, I want your voices on just about anything. I am looking for smart, incisive, honest and funny black women to write about everything from current events and pop culture to everyday life — beauty, motherhood, health, relationships, family dynamics, history, life in America, growing up — any topic is fair game.

This is not a call for staff writers. Rather this is an opportunity for part-time, freelance and/or hobby writers to be compensated for their work. If you have just 1 piece to submit, or 20 that’s totally up to you.

All pieces must be submitted in final form (no pitches please) and be no more than 1,000 words. Articles can take the form of essays, op-eds, listicles, or journalism. Please send all pieces to info@blackgirllonghair.com with ‘Submission’ in the email subject line. We will respond within 3 weeks.

Thank you for being part of this incredible 8 (going on 9!) year journey. And stay tuned for a name change and official rebrand coming early next year.

Much love,