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Look, I’m not writing this to tell you to be mad at Dove, or to not be mad. Personally, I stopped using Dove awhile ago because their ads are always doing too much and too emotional in order to sell body wash and lotion. They did what they did, and people are reacting as they see fit. However, this is the perfect opportunity to bring up my favorite black-owned bath and body brands. So much amazing!

via Mitra’s Bath and Body

Mitra’s Bath and Body: Their Foaming Body Scrub is amazing! I use this in the shower paired with their net scrubber for soft and smooth skin. And bonus, their scrubs are sulfate free with shea butter soap and organic brown sugar.

via Oyin Handmade

Oyin Handmade: I’ve been using Oyin for years, and their bath products smell wonderful and are some of my favorites. The Honey Wash is a great body wash and if you’re into baths, the Fizzy Milk Shake will definitely become a quick hit. They also make deodorant, lotions, body sprays, and more.

via Bekura Beauty

Bekura Beauty: Bekura, formerly known as B.A.S.K. Beauty, makes one of my favorite sugar scrubs and body moisturizers. Their scents in Lemon Beignet and Barbados Pecan literally makes me want to eat the product – every time I order it, I can’t get over how delicious they smell.

via The Facial Bar

The Facial Bar: From face moisturizer to cleansers, The Facial Bar has something for everyone. My skin is sensitive, and their face moisturizer was just great on my skin and is oil-free to boot! They also have cosmetics, so you can get your makeup shopping done at the same time. I see that they are currently restocking, so be sure to follow them on Instagram for updates.

via Koils by Nature

Koils By Nature: KBN is a long time favorite in the natural hair community. I remember years ago, the first product I ever tried from them was the shea butter that smells like birthday cake (Heavenly Delight), and I still love it. There’s also a Men’s Grooming line that includes beard moisturizer, shaving cream, and more.

via Shea Shea Bakery

Shea Shea Bakery: If you love dessert body products as much as I do, you have to get on Shea Shea Bakery IMMEDIATELY. Scrubs, skincare, soaps, body mist, bubble bath, foaming bath whips, and butters that all smell like the most delectable of desserts from gummi bears to red velvet cake. The packaging is also amazingly cute, making this brand perfect for gifts.

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What are your favorite black-owned bath and body brands?