Summer is coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean any length retention has to as well. Here are just a few tips to prepare you for the fall:

1. Keep your hair up

Switching from camisoles to collared shirts creates room for breakage of any hair that may rub against your clothes. Just last week, I was battling “the hair getting snagged on my jeweled collar” syndrome. Don’t let that be you. Get in the habit of pinning your hair up as much as possible to keep it off of your shoulders and/or back. (Some of you may have already been doing that this summer but for a different reason – the heat. Now the reason is protective.)

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2. Deep condition regularly – and with a cap and/or heat

During the summer, you probably skipped a few deep conditioning sessions or didn’t quite use a cap or heat because of the hot weather. Whichever the case, fall is the time to get back on track due to the cooler weather that will come through with the season. Get back to (or start) incorporating a deep condition after each wash and with a cap or heat.

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3. Try the Fulani satin wrap method

To keep hair moisturized this fall, try the Fulani silk wrap method. (Fulani is one of many groups in Nigeria and other parts of West Africa. Though this method is generally used in a hot dry climate, it can easily be extended to cooler dry climates.) How does it work? You essentially dampen your silk scarf with warm water, coat it with a small amount of oil, and wrap your hair while you sleep or for a period of time while you’re awake. You may prefer this method over the baggy method, which can leave the hair overly wet. Check out this Fulani silk wrap method tutorial by JoStylin:

4. Thicker sealants on those ends

It is possible that whatever sealants you were using in the summer may not be as effective in the fall. With cooler weather may come the need to switch to thicker sealants. Such sealants can range from heavier oils (e.g., olive) to butters (e.g., shea, cupuacu) or even grease. (Check out this earlier post on using grease effectively.)

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5. Incorporate a pre-shampoo treatment

Some of you will probably decrease your co-washes this fall, which may throw off your moisture game. Well, don’t fret because you can switch to using a pre-shampoo treatment (pre-poo) as a fix for the fall.  To reduce moisture loss that can come with the shampoo process, pre-coat your hair liberally with an oil of your choice the night before your wash.

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How are you retaining length this Fall?