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I’ll be totally honest — I’m not sure I’ve ever really understood the hype about wigs. I had a few when my hair was a teeny weeny afro just to appease myself when I got bored with the same style everyday, but once my natural hair grew out, I gave them all away. Also, I can’t cornrow to save my life, so I didn’t think they were a feasible option for me.

But when the temperatures in my area dropped to the single digits, there was no way I was going to restyle my wash and go and sit around all day with wet hair (I don’t like blowdrying my wash and gos with a diffuser or under a dryer because it takes so long). Buns and braids were working for awhile, but I got tired of them and needed another option. I researched wig installs on YouTube that didn’t require cornrowing and got to work. My twelve plaits only took about an hour to complete and I pinned them back with a ton of bobby pins. They got pretty flat! You can see me the day after wearing my wig in the video below. Admittedly, I don’t love this wig, but I needed something quick.

While I didn’t fall in love with the wig, I quickly fell in love with the convenience, the fact that wearing a wig was keeping my head warm (so clutch!), and that my hair was protected from the harsh winter winds. It was time to branch out and get some fun wigs, so I hopped on Amazon and Sams Beauty. Note, I 100% do not care if people know that I’m wearing a wig and don’t feel the need to spend hundreds of dollars on human hair and all that. Someone on my channel suggested a site where the wigs were $500‑1000 — they were gorgeous but oh my! Since there is no way I’d even be able to wear a wig in summer (it’s too hot and humid), it’s not worth it to me.

This wig was from Amazon and like $15. I think it makes me look like an anime character (my brother kindly called me a Disney villain) and I love it! To care for my hair under the wigs, I’ve been using I Heart Mimi Grow It Girl spray, which is aloe vera based and also contains rosemary essential oil, which is perfect for fighting scalp itchiness. When I want an oil spray, I use Uncle Funky’s Daughter Glossy.

My latest units from Sams Beauty are my new loves! I know that I would never be able to cut my real hair into this blunt style so I love that I can get this look so easily. The other unit I got is a favorite of many as it looks like my natural hair blown out.

So for now, I’m totally hooked on wiggin’ it. I absolutely love that I’m protecting my hair from this awful winter and it’s so fun changing my hair everyday. It’s like I get to be a new person with a quick switch up!

Do you protective style with wigs?