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via Hippocrate Pharmacy

When it comes to my beauty products, I absolutely love multi-use. I try to keep my consistent products as natural as possible, so this is fairly easy. Butters, aloe vera gel, and oils are all frequently used on the skin and hair. But what about lotion, one of the most essential skincare items? It’s moisturizing and slippery, so why not?

Now, this isn’t to say that you should use any old kind of lotion on your hair, depending on the ingredients you use. A lot of mainstream lotion brands still use mineral oil, so I certainly wouldn’t let that touch my natural hair. However, if you’re using a lotion with great ingredients like coconut oil, behentrimonium chloride, and other beneficial ingredients, you may be able to double use your products.

via Alaffia

Personally, I started using Alaffia’s Everyday Coconut Babies Hair & Body Lotion as a skin lotion due to the ingredients and the smell (it smells like strawberries). At the time, my hair was still blown out, so I couldn’t try it on my hair until I went back to my natural texture. But when I did…oh my! It really did feel like putting lotion on my hair – nourishing and providing lasting moisture. It also absorbed well, so it didn’t mix funny with my gel and cause any flakes. I loved it!

Next, I decided to try my Shea Shea Bakery lotion on my hair. If you aren’t familiar with the brand, get on it! Their products are the most delicious smelling ones I’ve ever owned, from fruity to dessert. My lotion specifically is in the “Midnight Snack” scent, which mixes chocolate, coffee, ginger, and cookie. It contains shea butter as well as avocado, coconut, and olive oils, making it a perfect crossover product. Just like the Alaffia, my hair felt soft and nourished. I even used this one as a refresher moisturizer and it did not sit on top of my hair or cause flakes on already dry (as in not wet) hair. The consistency also reminds me of Curl Junkie Curl Rehab, but a little thinner.

via Shea Shea Bakery

Overall, I’m thrilled that I’ve found not only products that double as body and hair lotion, but also smell wonderful and have great ingredients. In addition to the ingredients mentioned above, look for hair beneficial things like healthy oils, cetearyl alcohol, panthenol,  And as a bonus, both of the brands mentioned in this post are black-owned. I’ll surely be on the look out for more!

Do you use your body lotion on your hair?