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I mean no shade or disrespect by what I’m about to say. I know this type of post is off the beaten path for me, but the idea has been bouncing around in the back of my mind for some time now. And this won’t be long, because I’m not one to put tons of energy and effort into these things. I just have one main point, and I’m gonna drop the mic.

Let me go ahead and say it: I’m not impressed by celebrity selfies and glimpses into their natural hair.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s cool and all that underneath the pounds of weave and wig that you wear, that you have more than two strands of hair. But what I don’t understand is the purpose beyond some sort of validation-seeking effort to convince followers and fans that you wear weaves not as a necessity, but as an option or to “protect” your hair.

Miss me with that.

Often times when celebrities “reveal” their hair, I’m not impressed. Not because most of their hair tends to look damaged, thin, and generally uncared for, but because of the underlying thirst for inclusion within the natural hair community. Basically…

Natural women are chilling, minding their own business like:

And then the celebrity “between-weaves-natural-hair-validation” selfie pops up on Instagram like:

I’m just not feeling it. The natural hair community is about embracing what God gave you, and being comfortable in your own skin. The BWNHV selfies (see above for acronym breakdown) in my opinion, completely undermine said notion and promote the idea that natural hair is a thing to do and thereby reduced to a hashtag for likes, as opposed to a statement embracing one’s true self. It’s opportunistic, disingenuous, and a little sad.

It kinda reminds me of relaxer lines that are popping up with natural hair products

Bottom line: I’m not here for it.

What do you think???