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With more and more black businesses popping up online, it’s easier than every to buy black. And while black-owned haircare and cosmetics companies tend to get a lot of attention, there is a growing number of black-owned companies specializing in everyday items. Here are 6 black-owned companies selling everyday items.

Maple Syrup: Michele’s Syrup

Photo: MichelesFoods.com

Who doesn’t love warm maple syrup on pancakes and waffles. But Michele’s provides syrup that can also double as marinade for beef, fish, and chicken. She also has recipes on her website using her syrups for collard greens, cookies, fried chicken and more! The company is also involved with the Gary Comer Youth Center which provides extracurricular education to youth on Chicago’s south side. You can find her products in Ralph’s and Publix. They will also be in select Walmart locations soon.

Bar Soap: Harlem Soap 

Photo: HarlemSoap.bigcartel.com

Harlem Soap is an all-natural soap brand based out of Harlem, New York. The soap is a cold processed goat’s milk bar soap that comes in wonderful scent including orange and lemongrass, spearmint and orange, and lavender and oatmeal. The brand was created by Jammie Waldron, who conceived the product to relieve his eczema. Harlem Soap’s ingredients are sourced from sustainable companies that are located in the USA. You can purchase the soap through Waldron’s online shop.

Stationery: Effie’s Paper 

Photo: EffiesPaper.com

This company’s stationery is so cute and quirky that I may or may not have binge-shopped on their website. From reusable coffee cups to chic makeup bags, Effie’s Paper meets all of your stationery needs. The company, founded by Kaylyn Chandler, was inspired by Kaylyn’s grandmother, Effie. She was a firecracker who wore the perfect shade of red lipstick and always carried a hankie in her purse. Her vibrant personality definitely shows up and shows out in this brand.

Cleaning Products: The Hoot All Natural Cleaning Products 

Photo: HootAllNatural.com

Cleanliness is next to godliness and The Hoot has got you covered. The brand’s all-natural, all-purpose cleaners will not only leave your home smelling fresh, but all products are made in the USA. Their mission is to bring awareness to the harmful chemicals that are in our cleaning products, by providing nontoxic and chemical-free cleaning products. Let their peppermint and lavender scented cleaners fill the air of your home this spring season.

Toothpaste: Garner’s Garden Tooth Powder


This company produces handmade, natural skin care products. But the most interesting item on their product list has to be their tooth powder. The powder is a remineralizing tooth powder that doubles as a natural teeth whitener and deodorizer. Be careful, there are very specific directions on how to get the full benefits of this product.

Toothbrushes: Coral Oral 

Photo: WeBuyBlack.com

Coral Oral is the first black-owned toothbrush company. According to the company, they recognize the importance of history and representation. The toothbrushes are just five bucks for a pack of four and they come in a sleekly designed package. The company has attracted over a million consumers thus far and plans on expanding in the near future.

Do you know of any black-owned companies of everyday items to add to this list?