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We thought it would be nice to give you a glimpse of the women behind the scenes of BGLH Marketplace, so over the next few days we will be introducing you to our team members. We’ll start with Lisa.

Lisa has been on the BGLH Marketplace team since 2016. Her primary duties are molding black soap bars and overseeing the organization and cleanliness of the Brooklyn storefront. You can often find her demanding that we ‘break down the empty boxes and tape them’ instead of just putting them by the garbage, which of course we hate to do.

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Lisa hails from the Caribbean/South American nation of Guyana although she has lived in Brooklyn for most of her adult life. When she is not working at the shop she is spending time with her 3 children, all of whom are extremely bright and always winning some sort of academic award at school.

Her favorite whipped butter is Candy Blended Butter. She is always gifting Candy butters to her siblings, and has already gotten her older sister hooked.

As the oldest of our crew, Lisa often takes on a maternal role. You will often hear her cussing us out for our decisions regarding relationships, career and life, (lol!) — but always with lots and lots of love. We love Lisa. Her candor and humor make our work days go by faster.