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BGLH Marketplace is still just a baby in the vast beauty space, but I am so grateful for how far we’ve come! In the 3.5 years since our launch, we’ve gotten an acquisition offer from Procter & Gamble, provided products for YouTube Black swag bags, and been carried in a small (but growing!) number of retailers.

When people see BGLH Marketplace now it seems natural that the concept would spread as it has. But it was not always this way. Do you know that when I launched BGLH Marketplace literally no one around me (except my then-husband) thought it was a good idea! In this video I explain why folks weren’t feeling it, and why I kept going regardless.

(This is my very first YouTube video, and I was rambling a bit at the beginning! Skip to 1:43 if you don’t want the intro stuff.)

***This is part of my Mompreneur Chronicles series. I am switching to doing video entries instead of articles for easier listening during work/commuting, etc.***


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