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The picture above is July 2017, the day we got the sign for our Brooklyn storefront. Iโ€™m on the right, former assistants Zawadi and Lisa are on the left. When I see this picture I smile, because it signifies a reality of BGLH Marketplace โ€” we are a business powered by black women.

Weโ€™ve always been located in black neighborhoods (the west side of Chicago, then Bed Stuy Brooklyn!) and we hire heavily from the community. But mostly we always have tons of job applications from black women excited to work with shea butter! 😂

Weโ€™re blessed to have a customer base that spans all ages, genders and races. And in our five years weโ€™ve worked with assistants and consultants of a variety of backgrounds. But as it currently stands, at the heart of BGLH Marketplace is a group of black women getting it done 🙂 👊🏾