Harvard Medical School recently released a list of recommendations for dealing with dry skin. It includes

1. Avoiding harsh/drying soaps. 

2. Showering in warm — not hot — water.

3. Applying moisturizers to damp — not dry — skin.

4. Using gentle skincare products.

5. Using a humidifier.

6. Using thick creams instead of lotions. 

From the article;

“Ointments or creams are much more effective at moisturizing than lotions. Ointments are typically petroleum or lanolin based, and creams tend to be thicker than lotions… Moisturizing ingredients to look for include shea butter, olive oil, and jojoba oil.”

Shea butter’s inclusion here is significant because, as a beauty ingredient, it is fairly new to mainstream America. While its deep moisturizing properties are well known in Africa (where shea plants originate) the Western world is still learning how incredible it really is!