When it comes to shrinkage you can try two approaches: beat it or embrace it. And while every natural must choose his or her path, embracing shrinkage is definitely the path of least resistance. Here are 12 gorgeous shrinkage inspo pics.

The Shrunken ‘Fro

The best thing about the shrunken afro is that you can literally “wash and then go” out the door. There is no need for curl defining products or manipulation of your hair in any way. Just let your natural kinks, coils, or curls do what they do. Additionally, when humidity hits, your shrunken afro only gets better with the moisture!


The “Styled” ‘Fro

For a twist on the shrunken afro you can literally flat twist — or cornrow — the crown of your hair. Alternatively, part your ‘fro to the left, the right, or down the middle and experiment with stretching your kinks, coils, or curls just a little bit. No matter what you decide to do, have fun with styling your ‘fro!


The Signature Puff

The afro puff is another timeless style you can use to embrace shrinkage. Wear it for a casual meetup with friends or for a classy wedding. The puff is simple yet regal.


The ‘Frohawk or Bunhawk

This natural hairstyle never goes out of style and is an edgy way to embrace your shrinkage. Pin up the sides and leave the center free — or bun the center for a different look.


How are you embracing your shrinkage?