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A new study by non-profit organization Silent Spring Institute is highlighting — again — the crisis of endocrine disruption. Endocrine disruptors are chemicals that interfere with hormone systems and can cause tumors, birth defects, infertility and developmental disorders.

A recent, expansive report by GQ found — very scarily — that endocrine disruption over the past several decades has led to a severe drop in men’s sperm count that could eventually lead to a population crisis. (You can read that story here.)

The Silent Sprint Institute study (you can read it here) also paints a grim picture, warning that the disruptors found in many black women’s hair products could be responsible for their higher rates of “early puberty and… hormone-related issues such as uterine fibroids, infertility and pre-term births.”

In the past decade relaxers have come under fire for their toxicity, but the study finds that even ‘natural’ products like hot oil treatments and leave in conditioners contain toxic ingredients.

“In 18 different hair products including hot oil treatments, leave-in conditioners and hair relaxers, a total of 45 endocrine disrupters were found, with each product containing from 4 to 30 of the target chemicals. Eleven of the products contained seven chemicals prohibited in the European Union or regulated under California’s Proposition 65, the 1986 act enacted to help Californians protect themselves from exposure to chemicals that cause cancer, birth defects or other harm.”

Now, to be clear, even natural/non-synthetic ingredients can be endocrine disruptors. Soy is popularly known as a mild disruptor that mimics estrogen. However non-synthetic ingredients rank not even close to the most dangerous disruptors, such as phthalates, that are very common in cosmetics.

So what’s a girl supposed to do? Simplify! And that’s where our products come in.

From the study…

“Black women looking to find safer options for hair products do have some resources and guidelines. “Look for opportunities to use fewer products,” ”


‘Product junkyism’ is a term that has become popular in the black beauty/natural hair sphere. It refers to the tendency to excessively stock up on products, each with a separate use — a gel for slicking back edges, a hair spray for hold, a deep conditioner, a protein conditioner, etc, etc. Not only is this expensive and space-consuming, it makes it hard to track the safety of individual products.

Our whipped butters have multiple, multiple applications for hair and skin, with uses ranging from a curl definer to an anti-itch cream for bug bites. I began using my own products shortly after I launched my company and they immediately replaced at least 5 products I regularly purchased. They are now not only my go-to hair and skincare product, but the go-to hair and skincare product for my 3 young children.

We’ve written at length on our blog about the many uses of whipped and raw shea, cocoa and mango butter. Click the title to be taken to the link:

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When you use BGLH Marketplace butters you are using SAFE, FOOD-GRADE products.

People often ask why we don’t scent our butters with synthetic fragrances. It’s because I had the vision that our products would remain 100% natural. I relish the challenge of only using carrier and essential oils to make delicious-smelling butters like Ice Cream, Vanilla Latte, Orange Creamsicle and our forthcoming Lemon Cream.

People are often confused when they look at our labels. They can’t believe that we get the quality of product we do from just 3 to 6 ingredients — none of which are synthetic. You can believe it! Because the ingredients we’re working from — shea butter, cocoa butter, mango butter, coconut oil and almond oil — are already incredible! (And don’t forget our black soap which is also non-toxic and all-natural!) This is another topic we’ve written about at length. Click the title to be taken to the link:

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If you are worried about the toxicity of your beauty ingredients, give yourself peace of mind by trying our products today.


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