Hey Muchachitas!

After this week’s swelteringly high temps (Sun, you did not have to ravage me like that on Wednesday), I’m fairly certain you’ll appreciate this week’s freebie: TEN sets of BAN Cooling Body Cloths!

Short of dunking your head in a vat of ice water — like Joan Crawford used to do to acquire tight skin —  it can be hard to get cool in the summer. Enter these handy-dandy cooling cloths, which are a quick and easy way to freshen up (everywhere) on the go! They’re perfect for getting rid of sweat and clamminess and you’ll adore the light, summer-friendly scents.

Este semana, ten lucky ladies have a chance to win a set of all three scents! To enter simply subscribe to SYB and like our FB Page.

Stay cool, SYB Babes :)