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Dear Muchachitas,

So, I just got back from a Bahamas vacay with my Lina Bobina. It was glorious, except for I hadn’t anticipated how…intense…it would be, just me and her, all day, for four days. No summer camp break, no other kids to break up the action. It was not a relaxing trip, per se (what was I thinking, bringing a book?). I was her playmate. She demanded that I build sand castles, and doggie paddle, and color, and attempt to swim like mermaids with our legs fused together…for hours and hours. I crashed at 8:15 every night. That said, I did get a biblical tan. Truly. And it was the by-accident kind, where it’s happening just because you’re out frolicking in the sun — not because you’re intentionally lying out (there was no time for such luxury).


But now that I’m back, I’m determined to keep the glow going. And I’ve totally found my cocktail. Marc Jacobs’ ginormous, insistently chic Omega Bronze Perfect Tan Bronzer in Tantric, and Laura Gellar Baked Gelato Vivid Swirl Blush in Papaya (it comes with a fab blush brush, too). Such a delightful duo. First, I take a big, swirly brush (like Becca’s cult-fave The One Perfecting Brush), and run the bronzer along the outer perimeter of my face and down the bridge of my nose and chin (bronzer gives such lovely definition to brown skin; you just need to find one a couple shades darker than your complexion). Then, I sweep it along my cheekbones. Finally, I swirl the blush on the apples of my cheeks only, to add punchy color to all the sunny glowiness. The effect is luminous boots. Try it!


T. Trilliams