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Earlier this month I did a video about our goal of increasing our inventory and speeding up our processing times after our record-breaking July 4 sale. Well, at this point the July 4 sale pales in comparison to August. The BOGO sale (buy one get one free) we did in August tripled the July 4 sales numbers. And this is on trend for 2018. The year is not over yet and we’ve already had 100% growth (our August revenue doubled January.)

As a beauty start up we are facing a common challenge — keeping our production on pace with growing demand. The increased demand is an absolute blessing. It means that our butters and black soap bars are resonating in the beautycare sphere, and word is spreading online and in real life. However, we are coming to terms with the reality that we simply need more time to fill orders. We’ve grown our team from 3 to 5, purchased a new commercial mixer as well and expanded our production days. Still, going forward, we are changing our processing time from 1 to 3 business days to 2 to 5.

What this means
If you are getting low on your butter supply, we recommend placing an order 2 to 3 weeks before you’ll be completely out. Likewise if you are purchasing our butters and black soap bars as gifts, please order 3 weeks ahead of time to be safe. If you need an update on your order call (312) 448‑3343 or email leila@bglh-marketplace.com.

With increased ordering has also come an increase in customer service queries. To deal with this we now have a dedicated customer service representative responding to emails Monday through Friday.

We are proud of our growth and the fact that thousands of customers have ordered from us so far this year. Our goal is always to ship items as quickly as we can, but we will never sacrifice quality for speed. We are putting changes in place that will hopefully bring our processing time back down in the future — even with increased demand. But in the mean time thank you for being patient with us as we deal with the ups and downs of rapid growth.

Founder/Owner, BGLH Marketplace