Gisele drinks it, we exfoliate with it. Anieka discovers one more thing coconut is good at.


 I don’t usually have time to use my pampering products. When it to comes to daily shower sessions, I’m totally wash-n-go (my hair is a different story). Sadly, bath salts and body scrubs are few and far between. But after recently getting a sneak peek at the new YES To Coconut line, my whole life turned around.



The line is loaded with a range of coco-nutty hair, body and face goodness — but the product that gave my skin life was the Polishing Body Scrub! The gel-like consistency is SO silky-soft and gentle. Incredibly mild, which is golden for sensitive skin like mine. You know the whole, “no pain no gain” scrub theory? That if there’s no scratching or abrasion, your exfoliator isn’t working? Patently untrue.

Anyway, the scrub is blended with three lush ingredients: sweet almond oil for lasting moisture; coconut husk for gentle, natural exfoliating; and virgin coconut oil for a sexy glow.

My skin is thrilled — and perfectly polished and supple for the new season. Loooove.