Theorie's new flatiron gets unrelaxed roots sleeker than sleeker than SLEEK.

Theorie’s new flatiron gets unrelaxed roots sleeker than sleeker than SLEEK. Jourdan and Chanel- sleek.

Hey ladies,

My favorite part of being a Shake Your Beauty intern is the events. I get to meet new people, throw back some bubbly, and indulge in new product worship! A beauty blogger’s dream. But every now and then an event changes your life.


Remember when Carrie met Big? Or when Dwayne Wayne saw Whitley? You knew it was going to be something major. Well, I recently had that moment. Girls, my transitioning hair has been an issue in the heat – it won’t hold a Bantu knot curl or 2-strand twist long enough for me to snap a selfie! Plus, it’s too puffy at the roots to wear straight. So, it’s in a topknot, everyday. But last week it all changed, after I experienced Theorie’s luxe hair products at their launch event.


What wasn’t luxe was the extreme humidity NYC was giving that day. I must have been fiddling with my pouf because a lovely stylist offered to give me a quick once-over with the Theorie Saga Collection Digital Flatiron. I declined (my unrelaxed roots laugh at flat irons), but she insisted. WELL. This flat iron took my hair from curly-kinky to bone straight in seconds. Never mind that I’d just walked six blocks through a wet blanket of humidity! Apparently, the iron has titanium plates that compress water molecules out of hair. It also comes with a textile cord that’s wrapped in fabric so it never overheats. Incredible! My hair had so much bounce and my roots were Dominican-salon-straight.


It’s like NASA went into making hair tools. Except spaceships don’t come in leather boxes with genuine silver labels.