Perfumers are traditionally an attractive bunch (please refer to The Cut’s “The 5 Hottest Guys in Perfume” list), and Jerome Epinette, with his impeccable facial hair and that oh-so-French smirk, is particularly foxy.


Hello, handsome.

The nose behind ultra-niche brands like Byredo and Atelier Cologne, Monsieur Epinette recently created the fragrances for the new R+Co hair care line. R+Co is kind of a big deal conceptually; it’s a group effort by three top hairstylists – Howard McLaren, Thom Priano, and Garren (who’s basically the godfather of modern hairstyling. He did create Farrah’s feathered moment and has styled 107 Vogue covers…).

As a perfume freak, the expert scents are what take R+Co from “really good” to “true luxury.” Like, their Jackpot Styling Cream (my favorite) gives me an exceptionally non-frizzy blowout, but what really sets it apart from the other styling creams that sit neglected in my bathroom cabinet is that smell. With notes of guava and rhubarb, Jackpot has this incredibly juicy, tart fragrance. The complexity of this scent is seriously unprecedented in hair product history. Smell good and look good, ladies.