*Warning: graphic video*

After seeing the initial photos, I didn’t think that it would be possible for this stylist to save any of her client’s hair after removing a 9-month-old weave. A broken arm initially prevented the client from taking her weave out, but it was apparently left it in even after the arm had healed.

Although most of the clients hair had to be cut off, New Jersey stylist Bonita Abakah-Koranteng was able to save a good amount of the woman’s hair. The client’s scalp was treated and she was given a silk press with no added hair. After working her magic, Bonita stressed the importance of proper weave maintenance and knowing when its time to remove your install. She recommends leaving your weave in no longer than 3 months, with proper washing and drying until it’s uninstalled.

Take a look at her work in action, below.

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