I’m 30. A full “mother has lived” 30. I’ve moved around the country, travelled everywhere, loved, lost, and loved again. My family would love to see me wearing a wedding dress, followed by a Baby Bjorn – which sounds fab, but I’m not ready yet. I’m busy! It’s difficult to have a baby when your priorities include staking out 7am Target collections and finding Manhattan’s cutest rooftop brunch.

My days are so booked that, on Sundays, I have to choose between a blowout or mani-pedi (only have time for one!). Since I’m transitioning and even the condensation on my iced coffee makes my hair poof, I usually opt for the blowout. Which is cool, since Essie’s Sleek Sticks are allowing me to skip the nail salon!


These stickers are everything. The 3D patterns are so textured and shiny, it looks like you’ve just invested in dope nail art from some artsy Harlem salon. Right now I’m rocking “Oh My Gold!” a shiny, textured gold dot pattern with a clear background so you can layer it over other colors, but my all time fave is “Love to Love You” — which is pretty much a love letter on your tips. Plus the stickers are 3-free, sans harmful chemicals, there’s no polish to chip…and they allow my nails to grow crazy fast. But the best part? I can slap them on in the car (while being driven to an event that I’m definitely coming home too late from), which right now? Is truly all I have time for.