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Welcome to the Black Beauty Magazine website, where black hair is our Focus. We encourage you to take the time and enjoy our site as we have put together a straight forward approach to helping you choose a great style. Our Styles range from Weaves to Braids as well as Styles for Men and Children. Our Online Galleries are also designed for you to easily find styles that will enhance your look just in time for the big event.

For over 10 years, Black Beauty has been delivering Top Styles by Top Stylists from across the country and our dedication to delivering the latest styles you want, continues. Now you can see Black Hair Styles at their Best by some of the hottest Stylist in Our Current Issue, which we know will help you find the style you're looking for. The newest Edition of our Black Beauty Style book is now available Online and in Print.

Now you can benefit from our brand by featuring your Beauty Brand in Black Beauty!

Salon/Stylists Feature Rates

$200 Per Page/Per Model with weblinks!

$150 Per Page/Per Model with no weblinks!

$100 for guaranteed submission placement

$50 Individual Ad links

Payment Type

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Rates are current as of May 2017

Commercial Ads

1 Full Page Ad $500

1/2 Full Page Ad $350

1/3 Full Page Ad $250

Online Ads

Monthly Banner Ad $150

Please Submit All Advertisings Ads to: 3700 Wendell Dr. Suite 22 Atlanta, GA 30336

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