I’m such a fan of Beyonce’s IG natural hair weave. Because it’s so realistic. So not uniform. And you KNOW there isn’t a single one of us who has the same texture throughout our head.

Q: I’m transitioning and I’ve never had curly hair — not when I was natural or relaxed. But I’ve noticed that my hair is always flat and curly right at the root then the rest of the hair is just thick and straight and won’t lie down. I’m not sure what my hair type is. Can someone educate me? – Bebe

A. Hi Bebe!! Applause for transitioning in August. That very specific struggle is never properly given its due. Here’s a secret that no one tells transitioners or newly naturals. It’s not about your hair type.  It’s not about your hair “grade” (that 1A-3C-lets-pretend-this-isn’t-a-new-version-of-the-brown-bag-test grading system is so creepy). It’s not about buying every product that work for your fave hair vlogger in the hopes that it’ll give you her hair– even though her texture’s vastly different than yours (happens to the best of us). Getting your best kinks, waves or curls is about, and only about, trial and error.

I feel you on the rando hair textures. My bangs are downright straight, my sides are wavy and, underneath it all, is a ‘fro. Outside of twist-outs and rods, try this trick a’la Hair Rules’ Dickey for making things look more uniform: When you’re hair’s soaking wet, saturate with a soft hold mousse. Scrunch the living shit out of it (it’s okay if it’s a little white, the mousse disappears when it dries). Then, gently — without roughing up or mussing your hair — diffuse it on high heat. You will have a jheri curl. Don’t panic. Once it’s practically dry, flip your hair over and diffuse on a lower setting, tousling and squeezing it a bit. When you flip back up, you’ll have fluffy, defined texture.


Just to get you started, my fave mousses are Hair Rules Wavy Mousse, Pantene Pro-V Curl-Defining Hair MousseKerastase Sculptural Curls Aqua Flexible Hold MousseBut if they don’t work for you, keep experimenting, my love! Whoever said natural hair is easier than relaxed hair is a MENTIROSA – your hair’s healthier and having curls is sexy sexy sexy, but managing it’s moods is sort of like having an unpaid internship. Best of luck, gorgeous! Send me a pic :)