4 Hair Styles for Naturals who Work Out


Are you the girl that goes in to the gym works on every machine, knows her muscle groups and strength trains them? Or, are you the girl who prefers to glow rather than sweat it out? Are you recovering from injury and require only low strain work outs? No matter what your personality, there is a natural hair style that will work for you. Here are some examples:

1. The girl who MUST wash her hair after a work out

I have previously suggested that it is not necessary to wash your hair after every work out. However, I do know that there are some of you who would consider that sacrilege. I also know that there are some who really do not like wearing twists or braids to work out and also do not feel that the hair and scalp get clean if hair is in twists or braids.

If you are this girl, then you have to work out with your open hair, probably in a bun if you wish to keep it off your neck, shoulders and back. One function you may require is quick heatless drying for which I recommend an old 100% cotton t-shirt (soaks up water like a charm!). The second function you may find useful is a style which can be done easily on damp hair. For this, I recommend a quick jumbo twist pin up which requires little time and effort especially if you need to go straight to work after.

2. The girl who glows – regular exerciser but not strenuous, workouts last 30-40 minutes or less .

If you are the girl who likes to do some exercise but are not keen to sweat, you may find that your hair may not require regular washing and a rinse every now and then is sufficient.

There are many styles that can work for low rinsing because issues with moisture related shrinkage are minimal. One style that can work is loose twists which can be styled in multiple ways including buns and updos for workouts. The versatility of styling of loose twists may appeal to people who like to regularly change their hairstyle.

3. The gym bunny – high sweat, heavy hard-core exercise, 4 times or more per week

The gym bunny is a dedicated exerciser who will sweat fairly heavily with every work out. Functionally, a gym bunny with natural hair will require a style that will withstand regular washing and resist frizz formation afterwards.

The perfect style for this personality is small twists or braids. If your hair has a tendency to shrink in twists then braids are preferable unless of course you prefer the look of twists. A style that can easily be mended for example medium-sized cornrows or flattwists in the front can also help refresh the style and extend its wear.

Ladies, what styles are most suitable for sweat sessions at the gym!