5 Cute Protective Styles for the Fall


By Chinwe of Hair and Health

Fall is here, and that means protective styling for some of us.  However, protecting your ends does not have to translate into boring hairdos.  Check out these five cute looks you can rock this fall:

1. Braid and Tuck

This style is so easy to do yet so chic.  You will need some gel, bobby pins, and a scarf … and you are good to go.  It is ideal for those who do not know exactly what to with their hair at the moment.

2. Chic Bun on Twists – Remixed!

This look is essentially the bun “remixed”.  It can be done on twists, braids, or even stretched hair.  You will need a hairtie and a few bobby pins.

3. Vintage Pin Up

Are you interested in a vintage look?  Well, this protective style is a great option.  Make sure you have one flexi-rod to cleverly achieve this style.  You will see why …

4. Rolled Updo on Twists

Are you wearing twists this fall but not exactly sure how to style them?  Try this beautiful rolled updo, which will keep your ends intact.

5.  Faux Turban Bun using Marley Hair

Do not be discouraged by the amount of hair you see for this style.  It is a “faux” turban bun using Marley hair and a great way to switch up your look instantly while protecting those ends.

Can you see yourself wearing any of these styles?