6 Gorgeous Updos for Short to Medium-Length Natural Hair


By Chinwe of Hair and Health

Take your updos to the next level with these six styles:

1. Classic Pompadour

Even though this updo may be a classic for some, it can be daring and new for others. Reminiscent of Janelle Monáe’s look, this style can be done on short or medium-length stretched natural hair.

2. Bantu Knot Out Updo

This style is super gorgeous, unique, and can be rocked on short to medium-length hair starting from a set of bantu knots.

3. Pinned Twist-out Updo

For this look, you can start with your natural curls, a twist-out, or a braid-out.  Just pin up the back and you are good to go!

4. Criss Cross Updo

While this style looks intricate, it is not as difficult to achieve as it appears.  You will need a lot of bobby pins, but it will be well worth it in the end.

5. Faux Shaved Updo


This style is probably the funkiest of the six but is fairly simple to create.  You will start from a set of twists that are in bantu knots.

6. Funky Braided Updo

Also high on the “funk” meter is this look, which requires some basic cornrowing skills.  (Sorry, non-cornrowers.)  For this look, you will alternate between small braids and big braids.

Do you like any of these styles?