8 Beautiful Styles for Fine, Thin (Low-Density) Natural Hair


By Chinwe of Hair and Health

This article was highly requested after my last natural hair styles post, so here we go!

Many people err on the side of equating “natural hair” with having “thick, full, BIG” hair.  In reality, some naturals have thin (i.e., low density) hair.  Some also have fine strands (i.e., strands with a small diameter or thickness).  Additionally, there are those of us who have a combination of the two – thin and fine hair – which can make styling a challenge … but hopefully less so now.  The following is a list of tutorials that showcase beautiful options for fine, thin (low-density) natural hair, especially shorter or medium tresses:

1. Spiral Curls into Curly Fro

Nalia is my number one favorite YouTuber when it comes to styling low-density natural hair.  (I highly recommend subscribing to her if you are in a styling rut.) For this style, she begins with a curly look achieved via perm rods (in this video).  Check out how she then transforms her look into a voluminous curly fro.

2. Flat Twistout with Curled Ends

For some naturals with shorter, low-density hair, the conventional twist-out from a set of two-strands twists just does not work.  So, what is a possible alternative?  The flat twist-out with curled ends and using a comb to lift the roots.  It really helps to give you the appearance of more volume, and Napturally Nesey demonstrates that here.

3. Banana-Clip High Bun

Okay, maybe you do not have the density to achieve the popular “Cinnabun” style, but this “High Bun Banana-Clip” is ingenious!  Watch how MsDeekay achieves this volume-forming look.

4. Textured Swoop Bang and Banana-Clip Low Bun

For those with longer strands, watch how Santina uses certain techniques (including a banana clip) to create this fuller style.  She starts from a fresh braid-out on fine, low-density hair.

5. Beanie and Faux Bang

MissBeeline is another YouTuber to which I recommend subscribing if you have fine, thin natural hair.  In the above tutorial, she shows how to create a thick, textured bang under a beanie using Marley hair.  With the cold weather arriving (or already here in some regions), this look is perfect for the season.

6. Side Donut Bun

Another way to fake the volume is to use a mesh donut (or something similar) for your bun.  In the above tutorial, NaturalDiva10 demonstrates how to make the style work beautifully on fine, low-density hair.

7. Marley Pompadour

Okay, I just had to post another tutorial from Nalia.  This enormous textured pompadour starts from a set of Marley hair on the left side for fullness.  Watch how she creates this fierce look.

8. Twisted Updo with Volume

Here is another tutorial from MissBeeline as well.  By twisting the perimeter (and some) and leaving out a section in the middle, she creates the illusion of volume with this style.  You have to check it out, especially if you are tired of scalpy twists.

Ladies, what do you think of these styles?