A Stylist Added Keratin Treatment To My Conditioner Without Permission


This is what salon nightmares are made of!

In a promo for the Colorado-based salon More Than Curly, client Dianna shares her story of going to a stylist for a blow out and walking out with chemically treated hair! She declined the keratin treatment when offered it, but was given it regardless.

..She started to flat iron it and it was straight and it was shiny and I asked her, “What did you do because I would like to do this at home myself.” And then she goes, “Your hair was a bit too thick so I had to go ahead and put a little bit of the keratin conditioner in there.” And I just had a deer caught in headlights, I was like, “What?… I just told you I don’t want that.” And afterwards she was like, “But don’t worry it washes out.”

But it didn’t wash out, and Dianna’s curl pattern was destroyed. Check out the full video below:

Ladies, what are your thoughts?