Amy Schumer Did a Cringeworthy Recreation of Beyonce’s ‘Formation’ Video and Black Women Are Not Amused

On the set of her upcoming film with actress Goldie Hawn (the details of which have yet to be released), Amy Schumer shot an entire video recreation of Beyonce’s Formation.

While some are calling it parody, it seems closer to a recreation considering Schumer kept the original music and lyrics (yes, “baby hair”, “hot sauce” and all), and incorporated a good chunk of the video’s original choreography. Also because parodies are supposed to be funny and witty and we’re not getting the joke here…

Native American women are at times substituted for the original shots of black women standing in formation…

Amy Schumer/

Amy Schumer/

…and there are shots of dozens of white/non-black women giving their best ‘slay poses’.

Amy Schumer/

Amy Schumer/

Formation is clearly an anthem for black women. Like, how much clearer can you BE when you resurrect the term “negro” and incorporate it into a pop song. Which begs the question, how callous and/or clueless must Schumer be to include a slow motion shot of Hawn’s very European nose, while the lyrics “Jackson 5 nostrils” play. Which perhaps proves that Schumer possesses the ability to make literally anything about her. Oh, and we’re side eyeing Wanda Sykes HEAVILY for her involvement.

But here is perhaps what’s worst of all. Beyonce approved this ish.

Yes, y’all… yes she did.

The video was released on Tidal, the music streaming company she co-owns with husband Jay-Z.


Black folks… are we so desperate to have white friends that we will co-sign mess like this?! Honestly I’m wondering…

Check it out below.

Predictably, black women were not amused…