Black Mother Creates Instagram Account Dedicated to Her Daughters’ Incredible Natural Hair Journeys

A New York mother has an Instagram account devoted to pictures of her daughter’s gorgeous natural hair, and we are loving it! She is a mother of one son and four daughters, all of whom are working their way to healthy hair.

njb7nyc 2

Here is one daughter, with tailbone length hair (when stretched).

And here is another — a toddler — well on her way to catching up with her sister above.

njb7nyc 1

The mother regularly posts their hairstyles and regimens on her page.  Here is a snapshot of how she cares for the older daughter’s hair:

Hair Routine: For those asking… For these particular braids because her hair is so thick, I blow dried her hair pictured here so that the braiding process could be easier on my hands. Please note that her hair was washed last week with the @inahsinaturals wash day line. So this is a transition from last weeks wash. The hair from last weeks wash day was not stretched and after washing , she just wore it out and then rocked simple large plaits until I was ready to style her hair yesterday. I sprayed Aphogee heat protectant on her hair and blow dried in sections. I applied the @inahsinaturals Island Breeze hair whip to her scalp and length for the cornrows.

njb7nyc 9

And here are some shots of the sister and toddler with matching hairdos.

njb7nyc 3

njb7nyc 11

njb7nyc 6

If you thought that was all, check out the third daughter in the following pictures.

njb7nyc 10

njb7nyc 13

How adorable!!

njb7nyc 14

You can find the family on Instagram: @njb7nyc!