Black Woman Creates GoFundMe Campaign Titled “Help Me Divorce This D-ck Already”, Gets Funds in a Day


Vanessa Gritton had had enough. The California resident, who has been in limbo since her husband refused to file for divorce claiming a lack of funds, created a GoFundMe campaign to cover the $300 needed to get it done.

On the campaign page, titled ‘Help Me Divorce This Dick Already‘, Gritton explained her predicament, often injecting wit and humor.

“Hi everyone! I am not sick, I have a home, and I’m not funding an indie film nor do I need to pay a bookie.

I am still married to my abuser though so that fucking sucks.

I’ll try to keep it hella brief.

I have tried to get my divorce for two years. Begged for it. I stopped fighting as hard when a visit to gather his things turned into an assault because hey, let’s have the worst thing to every happen to me be sparked by an argument over a tacky suede vest.

Needless to say, after that, I didn’t call much to ask what was the ETA for my freedom. I hid in LA and soon met the people that would build me back up after spending 5 years being broken into nothing.”

Finally Gritton approached her estranged husband again to secure the divorce once and for all. When he stalled stating he didn’t have the funds, Gritton offered to provide them.

“I called every lawyer I knew and hit up the free legal consult at my job and learned $1,500 is in fact, an idiot sum. I can get this shit done for about $600. That amount I totally have part of and can be divorced be Christmas (Is that a country song? It should be a country song.)

So, the 300 is for the remaining fees. The paperwork, the filing, anything that I do not have at the moment but need to get done ASAP. I plan on having everything filed by the end of this month. Also like 20 bucks for a bottle of Henny I plan on consuming in celebration.

And just to be petty, Gritton plans to throw a “re-bachelorette party” to celebrate the end of her marriage.

Here’s my request, after all is said and done, we’re having a party in December. A divorce karaoke party. After it’s over and I am free I will save and throw a re-bachelorette party because I cannot find enough petty ways in the world to say “fuck you” to fill this petty heart of mine and the satisfaction of every action is delicious.

So help me complete the biggest “fuck you” with a crowdsourced divorce. You don’t even have to donate. Feel free to leave a fun note because I am absolutely printing the comments and leaving it in a manilla envelope on his front steps because no woman should feel afraid, or ashamed, or made to feel like a victim and thank god that was replaced by blind anger because imma bout to be a big fucking problem.”

The donations came pouring in and Gritton had the $300 within a day. By the time she closed donations, they were close to $2,600. Gritton explained on her Facebook page why she stopped accepting donations that were consistently pouring in;

“Hey hey! So I closed off donations because I cannot in good conscience accept any more donations. My legal fees are covered. Many donations will be made to local shelters. I’m so grateful but I have everything I need in my life now. Like I said, donating to shelters and foundations is deeply encouraged <3"

And that is how you do it!