How To Fix an Ineffective Conditioner

By Monèt of

A while back I was in ULTA and I saw that Güd Conditioner was on sale. After hearing so many naturals rave about it I picked it up. I REALLY didn’t like it – it didn’t have any slip imo – so I gave it away. Then I picked up some Suave conditioner which also gets a lot of raves in the natural hair community. Another conditioner I should have loved but just didn’t. {Note: my all-time favorite conditioner is Tresemme Naturals.} I decided that instead of giving away another product, there must be something I could do with it to make it “work”.

I had received a bottle of Tropical Traditions coconut oil to review and a light bulb went off. I had been using the coconut oil for everything else (cooking, body, hair, etc.) so I decided I’d add some to my conditioner. What was the worst that could happen? I didn’t like it anyway…

After using the conditioner once, the bottle was about 1/4 empty. I popped the cap off, put in a funnel and poured the coconut oil in. I left a little room at the top to shake it. After the conditioner and coconut oil were well mixed it was ready. I’ve used it about three times since I “fixed” it and it’s amazing. It has more slip, it’s better for detangling and it leaves my hair feeling really moisturized. While I probably won’t repurchase this conditioner since I’d rather not have to “fix” my products I was happy that I hadn’t wasted my money yet again.

Have you ever mixed conditioner and oil? If so, which ones? Please share below.

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