My Daughter Rejected a Blonde Halloween Barbie Wig in Favor of Her Natural Hair

Mom Crystal Russ Horace discovered this Halloween that her daughter’s love for her natural hair goes deep. Check it out;


Yesterday I took my daughter to get her shots. I rewarded her for being a good girl by going to get her Halloween costume. She picked out a Barbie fairy costume that came with a blonde wig. I kind of panicked inside but I allowed her to make her own choice. I had her try it on (even the wig) when we got home. To my surprise she said, “No mommy not that hair, I want to wear my own hair. I’m a brown Barbie.” Needless to say, I jumped and did a couple backflips in my head lol! She’s four years old and already knows her brown and kinky big hair is beautiful:)

I put the wig on her this morning and she still wasn’t having any of it so I straightened and banded her hair so she can wear it out tonight. She says she’s a brown Barbie and she likes her own hair better:)

Awesome! Ladies what are your thoughts?