Style: Sarah in Florida


Introduce yourself!
I am Sarah Nicole François, I’m from Mars and I’m just passing through this planet right now. I’m a writer, artist and a designer of a clothing brand called Sarah Nicole François:

What is your style philosophy?
Less is always more. If I have to make too much of an effort or think too hard about what I’m wearing, it’s not going to work.

How would you describe your sense of style?
It’s all black, all the time. Some days I’m minimalistic and futuristic, some days I’m ridiculous and gaudy, some days I’m really punk and sort of bummed out, and other days I’m a beach bum in a bikini top and shorts. But no matter what way it’s always black. My style is as temperamental as I am. It’s the perfect conglomeration of all my different moods and aesthetics, muted. I love pleather. I wear a lot of pleather and latex… I’m really curvy, so I love to show that off with really fitted clothing.


What is the process of deciding what to wear in the morning?
Right now I’m living in Orlando and it’s very hot, so in consequence my Florida wardrobe mostly consists of light fabrics and crop tops. I like to spend a lot of time at the beach or lakefront doing a lot of outdoor activities, so my uniform for a regular day is all about practicality; A safari hat to shade me from the sun, any kind of crop top or tube top, some shorts, combat boots, and my leather jacket because I’m punk and it doesn’t matter if it’s like 2000 degrees Fahrenheit out, I will be in my leather.

What are the three favorite things in your closet?
Just three? That’s very limiting! lol
1. My overalls that I got from an 80′s vintage store in NYC. I love them because they’re dingy and old and oversized and soooooo comfortable. It’s one of those things I throw on about 3-4 times a week just so that I don’t have to think about what I’m wearing that day, and I can work or paint in them and not have to be concerned about getting anything on them.

2. My 000sportwear clear PVC crop top. Everything I make for 000sportwear comes from that frustrated shopper part of me who hates having to go into stores and just feeling underwhelmed and bored by my choices. This crop top is a direct result of that part of my mind. It’s so impractical and so awesome, and I can turn any boring outfit into something impressive by throwing that top on top. It’s definitely a showstopper, and I love the looks I get from people in the streets because it’s weird, but it looks fantastic.

3. My 000sportwear Vegan Leather Lab Coat. I really really love a good textured leather or pleather and this jacket is light enough for me to wear in Florida and not pass of a heat stroke. It makes me feel real Matrix-y and next level wearing that thing.

What are some of your favorite shops/websites for clothes, shoes and accessories?
I don’t shop often. Especially since I have my own line. If there’s anything I ever want, I just make it for myself. It’s more satisfying that way for me.

How long have you been natural?
I never “went natural” I just cut my hair off because I was fed up with having to deal with the laborious task of dealing with hair. I used to change my hair quite often. This is my second time going bald, and I’m going on 2 years now. The first time I did it, I was bald for 2 years then let my hair grow for a bit until I cut it again.

How and why did you transition into natural hair?
I don’t actually consider me cutting off my hair a transition. While I appreciate the natural hair movement for what it’s done for a lot of Women of Color globally, I have some reserves about the current state of the natural hair movement and I don’t really associate myself with it.

What is your signature hairstyle?
I like to keep it simple: a buzz cut as low as it can go.

Describe your styling regimen over the course of the month.
I wanted something simple that I didn’t have to think about, and I figured what better way to deal with my hair then having no hair at all? Cutting if for the first time was a bit nerve racking, but I just went into my bathroom, took my dad’s clippers and shaved it all off. When I did it, and I looked in the mirror at myself, I felt so in love and so much like myself that I decided this is the person that I always was meant to be. My hair grows pretty fast, so I cut it myself once a week. I just take the clippers, no taper, and buzz it all off as low as it can go, and that’s as much effort as I put into it.

Is there a blog/webpage where we can find you?
You can follow my looks I also get a lot of love on Tumblr:

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