The Pineapple Method Didn’t Work for Me…So I Remixed It!

By Marie Young of GoodLooknOut

Anyone who knows me KNOWS that Solange is my ultimate lady crush! Although her hair is more than likely a wig, I still strive for her curls, like ALL THE TIME. The only problem, that darn pineapple method! I mean, really, who does the pinapple method really work for?!?!

With two kids it’s virtually impossible to do the proper nightly routine for my curls. When I lay my 3 month old down to sleep, I typically fall asleep as I’m putting him down. As I wake up in the morning, I usually have a dry, lopsided curly afro…LOL.

So, of course, I couldn’t do with the nappy fro every morning and I had to do something to give my hair some life. Even though I love my wash-n-go curls, I can’t keep waiting upwards of an hour for my hair to air dry every morning. Sometimes I have to be gone in minutes.

After reviewing Wild Sunshine Bliss’ tutorial for the pineapple method a few months back, I tried it and of course IT DIDN’T WORK FOR ME! I was bummed and went back to my regular routine *which was NO ROUTINE*. Fast forward to last night, I got the sleepies again while putting my son down so I decided to try the pineapple method one more time, but I’m going to switch it up a bit. I changed it slightly by pulling my hair forward to the top of my head and placing a satin bonnet on top and by-golly, IT WORKED!

For you natrualistas looking for a better nightly routine, I found a few tutorials you can try to find a regimen that’s best for you. I know there are many different hair types so there is something for everyone!

Soooo, if stretching your tightly coiled hair is a major concern for you try this:

Ok, so your hair is kind of short…here’s one for you too:

I even found one for you medium length naturalista’s (with layers):

I’ve tried all three and I’ve failed miserably, so here’s my routine:

What’s your nightly routine??? Do any of these methods work for you? If so, what’s your favorite? If not, how did you switch it up?

Marie Young is founder and editor of GoodLooknOut, an online platform for women to share, inspire and ‘LOOK OUT’ for other women. Follow Marie on TwitterInstagram and Facebook!