This 86-Year-Old Black Bride is the Definition of #WeddingGoals

The moment when an 86-year-old bride is slaying the wedding game and all you can say is Yaaaas! Yesterday a woman named Angela Simms shared a photo of her cousin’s friend’s grandmother on her wedding day with the caption.

“86 y.o. Bride, today!! My baby cousins friends grandmother!! Posting because she’s beautiful!!!”

We love EVERYTHING about this – she looks amazing, the color and style of her dress and jacket are glamorous, and the choice of the large bouquet is unique and bold. She seems truly happy and we love that this moment was captured. And of course the photo is now going viral on Facebook.

BGLH has reached out to Simms to find out more about this woman and her big day, but has not been able to obtain details. We would love to identify her (and congratulate her!), so if any of our readers have any information, please let us know!