This Spray Puts an End to Stiletto Suffering!


I’m, like, the only self-respecting fancy girl I know who hates heels. I hate them a lot. I’m not one of those women whose heels are like an extension of their foot — the supernaturally chic women who can run, crip walk, or pile dishes into the dishwasher in them, forgetting their feet are stuffed into tiny torture devices. If I have a meeting or a party or something that requires that I wear them, I’ll wear flats and switch at the verrrry last second. I just don’t like being uncomfortable. Life is hard enough.

I recently had to go to a birthday party — a dressy one — at this clubby lounge thing where I knew I’d be expected to shake my ass for hours, in heels. This would not do. So I did some investigating for pads, heel guards, anything that would help…and I came across something that actually did. Still Standing Spray, you guys (and incidentally I’m late to the party; stylists have been using it on red carpets and runways for a minute now. It’s been an award season staple, all season!)! The spray’s loaded with anti-inflammatory, skin-soothing properties like Chinese herbs, arnica, aloe and menthol — and if you spray it on the tops, sides, and bottoms of your feet, even through tights, it helps keep prevent aches, pains, and general high heel malaise. Also, your feet experience this tingly-cool sensation for hours, which is sort of like a thrilling little secret. Whee!

Weddings, parties, work — this spray is the move. Enjoy, and safe stiletto-ing.