Supermodel Alek Wek Just Threw MAJOR Shade at Instagram Models

Damn Alek, we didn’t know it was like that. In an interview with Page Six the legendary South Sudanese model, whom actress Lupita Nyong’o often counts as one of her primary inspirations, did not mince words when expressing her disdain for women gaining entry to the modeling world through Instagram.

“I think the fashion industry has gotten to a place where it is embarrassing. When I think of ‘Instagram models,’ I say you have to take baby steps. You cannot just walk straight onto the runway. When I was working, there was no digital. We actually worked, we used Polaroids,” she told us.

Wek, who’s walked for labels such as Chanel, Gucci, Dior and YSL, added: “Anything that those girls get for instant gratification, [they’ll] have to pay for it later.”


While we understand that Wek represents a golden age of modeling, her comments are somewhat unfair. The fashion industry is notoriously size-ist and racially exclusionary. Fashion gatekeepers aren’t trying to let too many non-white, non-stick-figure-looking models in, so we cannot fault aspiring models for making a case, via social media, that they are just as bankable and acceptable as the standard.

Black British model Leomie Anderson used social media as an outlet to build her brand as she sought to gain headway in the fashion industry. Her career took off when she was selected (on her third try) for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Anderson credits her personality for helping her to finally land the gig.

“It was my third casting for [VS], and when I came in I said, ‘Third time’s a charm—I didn’t install this weave for nothing!” That lightened the mood a bit. I figured I’ll just show my personality, and if they like it, they like it; if they don’t, they don’t. It paid off in the end. All the other times I felt like I wasn’t ready. This time I went in and I knew I was ready; it wasn’t as scary as before.”



And honestly we’re here for stories like that.

What do you think ladies? Are Wek’s comments fair to you? Why or why not?